What does your tagline mean,                          "for Contractors ONLY"?

That's it... We only work for contractors, not insurance companies. Our goal is to be a resource to ALL contractors, not just restoration contractors, that need contents restoration completed in the most professional, efficient, and cost effective way.  


How do I know you will not market to the insurance company or my clients if I bring you in?

As you can see, neither our trucks, nor our website has a phone number. Interested parties must log onto www.chicagocontents.com and fill out the "request info" screen COMPLETELY. Once verified, a ChicagoContents.com Associate will respond. 


Would ChicagoContents.com sign a non-compete document to insure my clients are mine?

Of course we will. In fact, we will insist on it! Before any work can be scheduled, an application by your firm will be required for ChicagoContents.com to work for you. We too, are looking to work with professional Contractors that care about quality and efficiency. 


Are you insured and bonded? 

Absolutely. Believe it or not, we have been restoring contents in the Chicago land market for over 25 years! Our Technicians have certifications and use the latest contents restoration technology available in the market. 


What will ChicagoContents.com Technicians look like when they arrive on site?

Our Technicians are uniformed, well-groomed, and experienced. In fact, we will arrive in clean, new vehicles with clean, new equipment. We have all the personal protection equipment and gear necessary to complete your project in the most efficient and safest manner. 


Where will my contents be cleaned? Stored? And how will it look when it comes back?

You tell us! ChicagoContents.com will pack out and transport your contents to our facility to process, clean, and store until the move back is requested. Or, we can pack out and transport to your facility. You can move back, we can move back.... IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!!!


Will you pack back the belongings in non-logo'd boxes?

Sure. Our logo, no logo, your logo... Whatever you want. We will leave it up to you!


Do you use Xactimate?

Yes, we can provide billing in an ESX format. 


Do you provide a photo inventory of all the contents? 

You bet! Printed out for you and in a digital format.


Do you invoice our clients or do we?

It's entirely up to you.